Our Services

At Family The-ra-pie, our goal is to empower children, women, and couples to heal from the past, grow into the person they would like to become, and thrive in their lives and relationships. 

Different Modalities

We offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities so we can meet your needs. Our practice is unique in offering mobile therapeutic services in Montreal and in the West Island. What this means is we come to you, either at home or at the office!

Online counseling is therapy between a counselor and a client online rather than in an office location. I understand making the decision to come to counseling is hard enough, so I want to make it easier by offering to meet via secure and confidential video or telephone sessions. Now you can receive support from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a secure internet or strong phone connection.

How does online therapy work?

It’s great if you can find a private space where you won’t be interrupted. But in today’s world of working from home and homeschooling, this isn’t always possible. If we decide we are a good fit, you will have a choice between phone or video sessions.

If you choose to do secure, confidential video sessions, then you will need a secure internet connection and computer/phone with a camera and microphone. Headphones or earbuds can be helpful if there is background noise.

Or if you choose to do phone sessions, you just need a strong phone connection. Either way, you are able to receive counseling while you are staying or working from home.

Our specialties are:


The goal of counseling is to provide you with an in-depth understanding of what is getting in the way of you feeling good and accomplishing your goals in life. We offer you tools and coping strategies to suit your individual needs, help you gain a fresh perspective, and accept yourself.

Life/Health/Nutrition Coaching

The notion of coaching offers feedback, insight, and guidance when you are re-evaluating life choices or seeking a personal or professional breakthrough. We aim to help you achieve your goals. Learn how to master new habits that will last a lifetime.  Many look at coaching as a way to motivate yourself to reach your goals. What are your goals? Is what you’re working for really what you want? Most people have a number of different types of goals – financial, family, health, social, community, career, and more. So, how do you prioritize all of your wants? Even if you are reaching your goals, are you doing so efficiently or are you sacrificing more than you need to reach them? These are the types of questions that life coaching seeks to answer. A coach will provide you with a different perspective so you can keep track of the big picture.

Divorce Support

Divorce Support offers help and healing for hurt and disappointment at the end of a marriage or long-term relationship. Fosters letting go of negative emotions and encourages a forward-thinking approach. The resulting goal is building a brighter future.


We teach parents strategies to effectively co-parent with their former spouse so they can decrease the impact of divorce on children. Allow us to help you find ways to put the anger left over from your past relationship behind you so you can co-parent together effectively in the best interest of your children. We offer parents structured solutions that help them decrease the conflict between them and their children. Our goal is to help parents learn how to better communicate so they can have cooperation from their children.


The staff at Family The-ra-pie provide a support system for people struggling with different types of addictions; alcohol, drugs, food or other issues. It guides clients so they can change behaviors and develop healthier patterns.

Children and Teens



Our offices offer a neutral and safe environment where children are able to talk about their experiences. We enable children to describe what it is like living with divorced parents. Let us provide a place so your children can get help with some of the emotional complexities of adolescence.

Issues covered:

We provide help for issues such as oppositional behavior (defiance) and attention issues. Our staff offer support to children with special needs. We work with children and teens who show signs of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma.