About Us

Our time together can be short so you can to resolve a problem or longer should you have deeper-seated issues. Because the sessions will be conversations, you will be free to express yourself. But we will also be active in sharing our thoughts. During a couple or family session, we provide a safe environment so each person can feel free to talk and bring up any difficult topic that needs to be addressed.

We believe in working in collaboration with people of all ages and backgrounds. This includes children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. We see clients individually, as couples, and together as families. Moreover, our office provides you with an environment that is non-judgemental. As a result, we create a space that is safe for all. Specifically, we work with individuals with various issues. These include ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, OCD, relationship distress, stress, substance abuse, and various mental and physical illnesses. Our specialties are:

Anger Management
Anxiety (childhood, adolescent, and adult)
Depression (adolescent and adult)
Relationship Distress
Substance Abuse
Trauma (accident, childhood, relationship, and violence)

We work with caregivers facing their loved ones’ struggles. Our work primarily involves helping people struggling with family conflicts, work or school-related difficulties. Secondly, we address life transitions such as going through divorce, aging, and illness. At Family The-ra-pie, we help adolescents and adults who have some difficulties recovering their former sense of well-being after experiencing some traumatic event. We enable clients to unlock their creative potential and explore self-actualization. Lastly, we use a systemic approach to help families overcome their difficulties.

We are trained in Anxiety, Brainspotting, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, and Trauma.

We offer FREE 15 minutes consultations over the phone and your first session is $30 OFF to see if we are a good fit for one another. Our prices range from $100-$200, but we provide sliding scale payments for people who are on a limited income.