Counseling for Overwhelmed Moms

Do you wake up in the morning overwhelmed? Are you trying to get everyone where they need to be with everything they need? While you once envisioned family breakfasts filled with giggles and smiles, you now call it a success if you can get through the morning without yelling at your kid(s). It feels like a relief to sit down at your desk and get to the task of being the great employee you are. But then a text comes through from your kid, or their dad and you start to get frustrated. Can I not even get a moment to breathe and be “off” when I am at work?!

At the end of the day, it feels like everything starts and ends with you. It is all on your shoulders. And your shoulders are hurting… literally, your back and shoulders are so tight all the time. It wouldn’t even help if you got a massage daily. Even assigning tasks to others ends up with you having to check-up, remind, nag, or scream to “get help.” 

Does it really have to be this hard? When do you get to actually enjoy your kids and your family? Or, just enjoy the life that you’ve worked so hard to create? When do you get to just be? Just be yourself.

Do you want to love yourself as much as you love others? 

While you are so busy making sure no balls get dropped and everyone has what they need, you aren’t reserving any time or space for yourself. I help ambitious, overwhelmed moms who want to create a life of less stress and more joy. 

We go beyond parenting and self-care and look at the mindsets and patterns that contribute to depleting yourself. I invite you to consider your own needs and find practical ways to meet those needs while caring about your family as much as you care for yourself. And sometimes this means doing less, not more. 

Are you interested in working with a counselor or therapist? 

You can keep waiting for others to change, or you can carve out an hour for yourself each week to determine how to better meet your own needs. Call us to find out if working with a counselor will help you reduce stress and find happiness.