Parent Training

No one told you parenting was going to be this much of a challenge. When you and your spouse talked about having kids, you pictured peaceful family dinners and fun vacations, not never-ending conflict, bad grades, and fights over bedtimes. Everyone’s got advice for you, but nothing works. Or maybe you haven’t told anyone about your family troubles because you’re embarrassed or ashamed. You’re so aware of every passing day that the kids are getting older, and you worry that your opportunity for a happy family is slipping away.

Blended families

If you’re blending families, that’s a battle of its own. You and your partner like each other (most of the time) and you really thought it wouldn’t be as much of a struggle. But your ex doesn’t make it any easier, and finances are always a big concern. You give everything you have, but no one thinks they’re getting a fair deal. The kids aren’t bonding, and they’re struggling in school. You love your partner but you secretly wonder sometimes if you’ve made a huge mistake. It’s enough to make you sick.

All of the responsibility


Single parents, we hear you too. You’ve got all the stress of parenting your kids and dealing with an ex, but you’re doing it on your own. How are you supposed to work, take care of the kids, and have a life of your own? You feel like you’re not measuring up, and you’re sad and angry. Why can’t anyone understand how hard it is

We understand

And we can help. Our trained therapists can help you clarify your family’s values and figure out what’s getting in the way of the harmonious life that you dream about. In therapy, we help you create a map to peace, tailored especially to your family’s needs. Together we create the bridges that need to be built – between parents, kids, extended family, schools, and doctors – so that your family feels supported and cared for. Let’s talk about how a therapist can make your vision of a happy, sane family a reality. Give us a call or email us to get started