Teen Counseling

Do you miss being close with your teenager?

Do you find yourself walking on eggshells now that adolescence is here?

You don’t know what to do for your teen anymore. He’s either texting you from school because he’s upset about problems he’s having with friends. Or he’s in her room staring at his phone even though he says he’s completely overwhelmed by school. He’s always gotten good grades, but now he seems to get so worked up that its’ hard for him to concentrate in class.

Initially, you would drop everything to help him work through whatever was bothering him. Now you find yourself dreading getting his text message. You worry that you aren’t doing enough. And you worry that you are doing too much. When you do give him advice, he shouts “you’ll never understand me!” You are starting to wonder if you will.

You keep wondering if all this teary, moody, anxious, overwhelmed teen stuff is normal or if it is time to seek help. You don’t want your teen to feel like anything is wrong with him. He already thinks that most of the time. But you do want him to have a place he can not only accept himself but also find new ways of coping with the teenage years.


What is anxiety counseling for teens?

We work with both the parents and their teens who are struggling with perfectionism, anxiety, overwhelm, and relationship problems. First, we normalize how normal it is to experience anxiety and have an inner critic that shows up under times of change and stress. Then, we focus on increasing awareness about what is triggering your anxiety and what you can do about it. Lastly, we explore ways to transform their inner critic into an inner guide that they can trust and turn to for comfort and encouragement. We help our teens navigate their emotions in healthy ways. Our teens learn how to have better relationships in their family as they gain more independence. We also work with families by using parenting tools specific to the teens’ needs to successfully reach your goals. We want all teens to feel supported and have experts to teach them healthy coping skills.

How do you find a therapist for anxiety?

As the leader of your family, take the first step to call us to help you and your teen feel more confident as you navigate the changes and challenges of teenage years. You don’t have to stay stuck in your head and focused on what isn’t working. Your teen can find ways to better manage changing relationships, quiet negative thinking, and learn to love him or herself more.